Shelbyville Health: Major Hospital and Fitness Centers

Just like everywhere else in the world, people in Shelbyville, Indiana get sick. They develop colds, fevers, and sometimes more life-threatening ailments. A family doctor might be able to take care of some things, but certainly not all of them; he or she needs modern technology and support from other qualified physicians. That’s where Shelbyville health benefits from Major Hospital, the state of the art facility on 150 West Washington St.

Prior to 1924, Shelbyville, a town today that has almost 80,000 residents, had no local hospital. If a resident had an emergency or fell terribly ill, they were forced to go to an Indianapolis hospital or get a house call from an accomplished physician. Even then, treatments were not made in time or treatments were not available. Recognizing this need, Shelbyville resident William S. Major declared in his will that when his wife died, their house should be turned into a Shelbyville hospital.
Several years later, the property was indeed purchased by the town of Shelbyville, and work began on the hospital, headed by Indianapolis architect A. Bohlen & Son. The hospital officially opened its doors in 1924 and has been serving the community ever since. Major Hospital has all the amenities, up to date technology, and modern practices of any hospital in the Circle City combined with the personal touch you’d get from a family practice. The hospital is divided up into several departments to fit every patient’s needs, including the ER, the ICU, Pediatrics, Surgery, and even Nutrition.
In addition to getting its patients well, Major Hospital also helps keep its patients well. The hospital offers several classes and clinics to keep your body working as efficiently as possible and to prepare you for future illnesses. Pain management, anti-coagulation, and cardio-pulmonary clinics are all available at Major Hospital, in addition to classes in childbirth, CPR for professionals and amateurs, diabetes, and techniques to quit smoking. Major Hospital is, above all else, concerned about the health of Shelbyville’s residents.
Of course, people in Shelbyville get flabby too. Major Hospital can’t provide everything for everyone, so Shelbyville health also offers several gyms to help its residents get fit and trim. Perhaps the biggest of these gyms is the Shelby County Athletic Club. The athletic club is local, modern, and comprehensive, running three locations in the greater Shelbyville area. In addition to the home location on 24 West Rampart Road, Shelby County Athletic Club also runs 24 Hour Fitness Express on Highway 44 and the Women’s Fitness Center next door to the main facility on Rampart Road.
Shelby County Athletic Club is packed with amenities. The gym has a Kids Club for Shelbyville children, keeping them occupied in a room full of video games, toys, and a safe, fun staff while their parents exercise in the main facility. Offering state of the art equipment, an outdoor pool with water aerobics classes, a sauna, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball courts, yoga, pilates, and personal training, the Shelby County Athletic Club has something for everyone. And if you keep odd hours or just can’t find much time to squeeze in a workout, 24 Hour Fitness Express allows you to come and go at your own leisure; the unmanned facility is open all the time.

Promotional video for Curves. Curves has a branch in Shelbyville, Indiana
In addition to Shelby County Athletic Club, Shelbyville also has two chain gyms, Curves and Anytime Fitness. Curves is a fitness program designed exclusively for women and revolves around thirty minute workout sessions, proper nutrition, and support from your workout community. Curves is customizable, fairly low impact, and moves at the pace you set. Anytime Fitness is a state of the art chain of gyms across the United States. The one in Shelbyville has a wealth of treadmills, weight machines, a tanning bed, and even a concession stand. Anytime Fitness also has locations in Indianapolis, Anderson, Avon, Crown Point, Franklin, Greenwood, and many other Indiana cities.

Promotional video for Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness has a branch in Shelbyville, Indiana

Shelbyville health
has all the resources you need to become a healthy, well-oiled machine of a human being. Major Hospital is there to help combat illness, injuries, and other maladies you may encounter during your time in Shelbyville, while the major fitness centers in Shelbyville–Shelby County Athletic Club, Curves, and Anytime Fitness–can help you trim flab and get in good shape to attend Shelbyville events, have the energy to play Shelbyville sports, and stay alert to excel in Shelbyville business.

Major Hospital
150 W Washington St
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Shelby County Athletic Club
24 W Rampart Rd
Shelbyville, IN 46176
24 Hour Fitness Express
630 E St Rd 44
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Women’s Fitness Center
24 W Rampart Rd
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Curves Shelbyville
1617 E Michigan Rd
Shelbyville, IN 46176-1832
Anytime Fitness Shelbyville
2521 Indiana 44
Shelbyville, IN 46176-1884