Shelbyville Attractions: Bear Chase, Arts Fest, and Parks

Shelbyville, Indiana is not typically known as a tourist town. It is a fairly close neighbor to Indianapolis, and people usually go there if they’re looking for some excitement. However, there are a few popular Shelbyville attractions that draw residents and visitors alike to this small Midwestern town.

For Shelbyville sports enthusiasts, Bear Chase Golf Club is a good option. Bear Chase is billed as a “one-stop golfing and banquet center.” Its championship, 18-hole course is laid out among 127 green acres full of wide spaces and the mature hardwoods that are famous in Indiana. One of its main attributes is the magnificent Blue River that meanders through the golf course. The holes were professionally designed to challenge golfers of all levels, so its the perfect way to relax after a long, hard day at work.

Video about Bear Chase Golf Club in Shelbyville, Indiana

Need a bite to eat? Head on over to the Fiddlers Three Restaurant, a popular Shelbyville restaurant. This Shelbyville attraction is more than just a restaurant; it is also the site of Maxim Events, a state of the art facility for any sort of big gathering, be it a wedding reception or a business luncheon. The Shelbyville events venue can hold 340 guests, and Fiddlers’ special soundproofed “air walls” can be employed to create separate areas for different configurations. Maxim Events has a one-of-a-kind, illuminated dance floor to help your guests create unforgettable memories.

For Shelbyville arts connoisseurs, the Shelby County Arts Fest is a major Shelbyville attraction. The Arts Fest is a virtual tour of historic Shelbyville, and dozens of Shelbyville businesses get in on the act. Sponsored by the Indiana Arts Commission, the Shelby County Arts Fest features vendors, theatrical productions by the Shelby County Players, live Indianapolis music at the Strand Theatre, arts and craft displays, painting demonstrations, and more. Visitors come from miles around to participate in the Arts Fest, and many painters look forward to displaying their newest work in downtown Shelbyville.

Another Shelbyville attraction is the bevy of Shelbyville parks. Throughout the city of 18,000 inhabitants is an unusual number of parks and activities centers for Shelbyville kids and adults. Some of the activities include: athletic fields of all kinds, picnic, boating and fishing areas, pre-school programs, a community pool with swimming lessons, children’s theater, walking and running programs, the Kiddie Carnival, the annual Bears of Blue River Festival, and the Carl McNeely Civic Center, where everybody eventually ends up to meet and play.

Looking for some Shelbyville nightlife?  Look no further than Indiana Live Casino, located just outside of Shelbyville. Indiana Live Casino gives Indianapolis nightlife a run for its money with slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker tables, four Shelbyville bars, and a whole slew of special events and live music. Connected to Indiana Downs, a state of the art horse racing facility, Indiana Live Casino has everything you could want in an entertainment center right in the heart of small town Indiana.

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Though it is no comparison to neighboring giant Indianapolis, there are still plenty of Shelbyville attractions in this small Midwestern town to keep residents and visitors alike entertained and happy.