Mike Phipps: Boilermaker Quarterback from Shelbyville

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana is known as the “Cradle of Quarterbacks” for a reason. Plenty of top notch signal callers have come from the Indiana college, including Hall of Famer Bob Griese and New Orleans Saints MVP Drew Brees. Among these vaunted gridiron warriors is another athlete from Shelbyville, Indiana: Mike Phipps. Playing […]

Wilbur Shaw: Savior of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Today, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway represents one of the largest tourist attractions in the United States, with millions of fans, drivers, and spectators participating in both the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, the 500 Festival, and all its associated Indianapolis events. However, Indianapolis might not have the famous Brickyard today if not for the efforts of […]

James Pierce: The Final Silent Tarzan

Tarzan. King of the Apes. Lord of the Jungle. Resident vine swinger. You know the story well: the son of shipwrecked British aristocrats, Tarzan is adopted by a clan of Great Apes, learns their ways, and becomes the hero of the forest. You’ve probably seen at least one Tarzan movie, even if it was the […]

Charles Major: Father of the Historical Romance

One of the most successful writers of historical romance was Charles Major, one of many Hoosier writers (including Booth Tarkington, Meredith Nicholson, and James Whitcomb Riley) who made their mark in the American literary world during the 19th century. Famous Shelbvyille people are all over the place in terms of their professions; some are sports […]

Bill Garrett: Breaking Boundaries in Indiana Basketball

There have been plenty of basketball players that have come from the fertile farmland of Indiana, but few have broken as many boundaries as famous Shelbyville resident Bill Garrett. Garrett lived during a time when segregation was king, before the civil rights movement was a force in the country. It was a hard time to […]