Shelbyville Business: A Community Affair

Shelbyville, Indiana is the seat of Shelby County, just southeast of Indianapolis. Due to its size, you might not think of it as a hub of commerce, but Shelbyville business has been booming in the last several years. The small Indiana town is close to major highways, allowing businesses easy access to clients in the Circle City and elsewhere around the United States. Business owners who decide to move there can rest easy, because Shelbyville children have it good: Shelbyville education is affordable and effective, there are many fun Shelbyville parks sprinkled throughout the city limits, and Shelbyville attractions are enough to keep them busy.
All this, in addition to the relatively low property and start up costs in the town, have led to a number of Indianapolis businesses migrating to the Shelbyville area. Downtown Shelbyville is dotted with mom and pop shops, big box stores thrive out along the highway, and Shelbyville restaurants like Fiddlers Three and Santa Fe Cattle Company are everywhere. The town is a patchwork of different ventures, all of them cooperating and coming together to create a tight knit, family oriented community.

Helping all these new Shelbyville businesses is the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. This organization has been actively supporting the Shelbyville community since 1947 and currently provides its services to over 400 Shelbyville businesses. It’s a growing organization that is intent on “providing value added services and programs, creating opportunities for members, and improving the quality of life in Shelby County.”
To this end, the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce implements a wide variety of programs and benefits for its members. The organization helps its members by holding regular networking events, arranging meetings with local and state politicians, providing marketing services in its newsletters and website, and arranging many other promotional activities. The Chamber of Commerce also hosts a number of Shelbyville events to help out Shelbyville businesses, including trips to Chicago and Indiana Live Casino, Halloween parties, trade fairs, expos, and other fun and profitable ventures.
So if you’re looking to start up a new business but can’t quite raise the capital to begin in Indianapolis, head on down to Shelbyville, where costs are low and community is high. The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce will help you get on your feet; your neighbors will help you thrive.

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
501 N Harrison St
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Toll Free: 800.318.4083
Fax: 317.392.3901