Downtown Shelbyville: Restoration in Progress

Downtown Shelbyville has seen some tough times. During the 1940’s, the main section of Shelbyville, Indiana used to be the thriving epicenter of a commercially powerful community, full of Shelbyville arts, Shelbyville attractions, and more. Its proximity to Indianapolis helped it grow and attract new citizens, businesses, and projects. Starting in the 1980’s, however, the bottom fell out of the United States economy, and downtown Shelbyville fell along with it.

Nowadays, paint is peeling, doors are shuttered, and these downtown buildings are showing their age. However, there is hope: Mainstreet Shelbyville is working to revitalize the downtown area and make it prosperous once again. Already, the organization has refurbished the historic Strand Theatre by restoring the upper windows and giving the whole thing a fresh coat of paint. Several buildings on the corner of Broadway and Harrison Streets have also been restored, and many more are planned for the future.

Video of live music at the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville, Indiana
Mainstreet Shelbyville also works in conjunction with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce to keep Shelbyville businesses thriving in the downtown sector. The Mainstreet Shelbyville website has listings of every business that belongs to the organization, and members get special privileges in the community, including exposure on the website. Downtown Shelbyville is once again starting to grow, due to the concerted efforts of Mainstreet Shelbyville and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
There are several Shelbyville restaurants dotting the downtown area that make for a fine dining experience. Many of these are comparable to the wealth of Indianapolis restaurants just up the highway, and they all offer a variety of different cuisines. Cagney’s is a Pizza King and a Shelbyville bar combined, Bookmark Coffee Co. is a little cafe that also serves soup and sandwiches, Linnes Pastry Shop makes delicious doughnuts, muffins, and other pastries, and Rendezvous Event and Catering Hall is a gourmet facility specifically for Shelbyville events.
Restaurants aren’t the only thing in downtown Shelbyville. The area is also home to a multitude of shops, retail stores, and other businesses. Regardless of where they’re located in Shelbyville, many area businesses are signing on with Mainstreet Shelbyville because they believe in the organization’s cause. Everything from the Indiana Downs horse racing track to 96.5 WSVX, a Shelbyville media outlet, have joined up with Mainstreet Shelbyville to try and breathe new life into the dilapidated area. Hopefully, this historic district can regain its former economic and artistic glory.

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