Shelbyville Media: The Shelbyville News to Your Door

Shelbyville, Indiana is a small town located a few miles southeast of Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana. Since the town is so close to the Circle City, residents can take advantage of the multitude of Indianapolis media outlets. Shelbyville media all but relies on Indianapolis for information about the world outside its borders.

National news, Indianapolis sports news, Indianapolis news, and even local Shelbyville news flows from the big city into Shelbyville televisions, radios, and mailboxes. The Indianapolis Star enjoys a strong following in Shelbyville and even has a special section on its website about the town. Far from being an isolated rural community, Shelbyville is kept in the loop by Indianapolis media.

However, that’s not to say that Shelbyville media is completely without outlets of its own. As a matter of fact, Shelbyville does have one newspaper that deals exclusively with issues in Shelbyville and the surrounding area: The Shelbyville News. This newspaper, a part of the Paxton Media Group, has been operating in Shelbyville in various forms since 1875, when it was called The Daily Republican. Since then, the paper has changed hands multiple times; the original owner, Sim Thompson, sold it to the Shelbyville Printing Company in 1884.
A separate newspaper sprang up in 1880, the Shelbyville Democrat. The Democrat went public in 1904, and John D. DePrez became the editor in chief of the paper. Since then, the DePrez family has maintained control of the Shelbyville News, even after the merger of the Shelbyville Republican and the Shelbyville Democrat in 1947, the merger that formed The Shelbyville News as residents know it today.

Today, The Shelbyville News is still delivered daily and still is read by thousands of Shelbyville residents. Inside its pages, readers can find the latest Shelbyville sports news, a Shelbyville events calendar, and reviews of Shelbyville attractions. Shelbyville children delight in the daily puzzles, word games, and comic strips that festoon the later pages of the newspaper. For Shelbyville shopping enthusiasts looking for a good deal, The Shelbyville News has a classifieds section where sellers can post cars, apartments, and other items for sale.

In addition, the website of the paper also offers a “Shopping Shelby” section, where readers can search by product or business and find special deals every day. Shelbyville businesses, including Indiana Live Casino and Indiana Downs, get important exposure in this newspaper’s pages, and residents of the town are free to make their voices heard in the Opinions section of the paper. The Shelbyville News, one of the oldest locally owned newspapers in the United States, puts Shelbyville media on the map.

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