Shelbyville Music: Melodies Along the Blue River

Shelbyville, Indiana is a small satellite city to Indiana state capital Indianapolis. Since it is so close to the Circle City, Shelbyville music lovers can make a short drive up to the city to see the wealth of different bands, venues, and cultures that make up the Indianapolis music scene. Indianapolis cultural districts are rife with Indianapolis bars that play host to rock groups, jazz groups, hip-hop groups, and every other group conceivable.

Because of this, you might think that the Shelbyville music scene doesn’t have much to offer. Why foster a great music scene if one can be found just a few miles down the road? However, Shelbyville is always full of surprises: its music presence is no different. Many Shelbyville attractions rely on live music from dance and cover bands, Shelbyville bars regularly bring in acts from Indianapolis and around the Midwest, and what would a Shelbyville event be without a talented DJ to keep things interesting?

Video of Gwen Stacy, an Indianapolis band, performing in Shelbyville, Indiana

One of the main music venues in Shelbyville is Indiana Live Casino, a mega tourist attraction and gambling center in the area. This huge facility, the largest land-based casino in the Midwest, is home to several different bars, each of which feature Shelbyville music. Mosaic, a staple of Shelbyville nightlife, has a rotating stable of DJ’s to keep the dance floor flowing and the bass pumping. Center Bar, the main entertainment focus of Indiana Live Casino, features Indianapolis bands and national acts like American Cheese, Blonde Sonja, The Elms, Vertical Horizon, and more. In addition, Indiana Downs, a horse racing venue connected to Indiana Live Casino, also hosts live music from time to time.

Video of Sherrie Gold performing at Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana

Shelbyville is also home to various fairs and festivals. While not on a par with Indianapolis fairs and festivals, Shelbyville’s events bring in visitors from miles around. Many of these events feature or focus on Shelbyville music. The Blue River Folk Music Festival is a celebration of traditional Midwest and Appalachian music. Participants in the festival can take classes in hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, and more on their way to finger pickin’ greatness.

Video of a high school marching band at the Bears of Blue River Festival in Shelbyville, Indiana

The town is also home to the Bears of Blue River Festival, Shelbyville’s biggest festival. During this festival, the town offers a full slate of Shelbyville music events. Bands perform all day, from the opening ceremonies to the closing fireworks. This is a great time to get Shelbyville children acclimated to the world of music; in addition to the bands performing day and night, the festival also offers a parade, Shelbyville restaurant vendors, crafts, and more fun activities.

Though it is such a small town and so close to the bright sun of Indianapolis, Shelbyville has managed to foster its own music scene over the years. Though not as motley and accomplished as Indianapolis’ thriving scene, Shelbyville music has plenty of events and concerts to keep residents of this Midwestern town tapping their toes and nodding their heads.