Shelbyville Nightlife: Family Values and Indiana Live Casino

Shelbyville, Indiana is not traditionally known as a happening spot for nightlife. This small town southwest of Indianapolis is founded on its history and a tradition of family, hard work, and morals. Shelbyville attractions like the Shelbyville parks system, Shelbyville events like the Bears of Blue River Festival, and even Shelbyville restaurants are all mostly geared towards families. Shelbyville children take advantage of the great Shelbyville education system and the myriad things to do in the summer; they don’t care if there’s a great place to party after hours.
As a result of this family orientation, Shelbyville nightlife seems to be pretty low on the list of the average citizen’s wants and needs. If residents want an all night party, they can head up to an Indianapolis cultural district like Broad Ripple Village and hit up some Indianapolis bars, blow out their ears watching an Indianapolis band, or indulge in a performance by the Indianapolis arts scene. In contrast, Shelbyville bars are mostly geared toward workers and peaceful citizens; these quiet corner bars are designed for conversation and a few beers, not dancing and black lights.

However, unlike other small Indiana towns of its type, Shelbyville nightlife has a major player working toward its benefit: Indiana Live Casino. With 223,000 square feet of games, Indianapolis music, happening bars, and the attached attraction of Indiana Downs, Indiana Live Casino is a neon-lit pillar of Shelbyville nightlife.

Promotional video for Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana

The casino is a one stop party destination; its four bars are alive with dancing, DJ’s, live music, and huge drink menus. Mosaic is a nightclub style bar with black lights and techno beats, Angels Rock Bar features lovely servers and classic rock music, the NASCAR Sports Grille is any Shelbyville sports lover’s paradise, and Center Bar is a hub of Shelbyville music that features the likes of American Cheese and Sherrie Gold.

Video of Sherrie Gold performing at Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana

So if you’re staying at a Shelbyville hotel and want to experience a night out on the town, you can either take the twenty minute drive to the bright lights of Indianapolis nightlife, or you can stay close to home and lose yourself at Indiana Live Casino. And if your idea of Shelbyville nightlife is a good night’s sleep, the town is more than capable of providing that too.