Shelbyville, Indiana

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Shelbyville, Indiana is the county seat of Shelby County, and one of the many small satellite communities that dot the landscape around nearby Indianapolis, such as Marion, Prescott, Fairland, Boggstown, Clover Village, Franklin, London and Rocklane. The beautiful rolling hills and dells of Indiana are covered with towns of similar sizes, between 5,000 and 20,000 inhabitants, and represent true middle America.

In the 2000 census, Shelbyville recorded its population at just under 18,000. The city is young, having incorporated formally in 1850, though it was named the county seat as far back as 1822. The annals of Shelbyville history remain, perforce, on the brief side today, but are nevertheless of interest.
One of the most interesting facets of the city is its unusually long list of notable inhabitants. Shelbyville famous people include James Pierce, who played Tarzan in many movies and radio shows; well known author Charles Major; Thomas Hendricks, Vice President to Grover Cleveland and Indiana “Mr. Basketball” of 1947, Bill Garrett.

But of the notables who have lived in Shelbyville, Indiana, none has gotten more mileage out of his or her notoriety than Sandy Allen, the world’s tallest woman at a whopping 7’7-1/4 inches. The only competition Ms. Allen might have is Edna Parker, who was the oldest person living on the face of the planet before her death in November of 2008. Sandy and Edna even lived in the same nursing home for a number of years.

Video tribute to Sandy Allen, a famous Shelbyville, Indiana resident

Surprisingly enough, Shelbyville is also home to one of the most entertaining nightspots in all of Indiana: Indiana Live Casino. This Shelbyville attraction is the largest land-based casino in the Midwest and is host to all sorts of exciting Shelbyville nightlife prospects. Play poker, pull the slots, or try not to bust in blackjack at one of the casino’s thousands of gaming areas, listen to live Indianapolis music in one of four popular Shelbyville bars, or take in the fine food and drink at the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House.

Promotional video for Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana

After you’ve had your fill at this pillar of Shelbyville nightlife, why not take in a horse race at the venerable Indiana Downs, located right next door? This facility is perfect for Shelbyville children and adults alike. Featuring two restaurants, a child entertainment area, and live and simulcast horse racing, Indiana Downs is perfect for any Shelbyville sports fan.

Video of a horse race at Indiana Downs in Shelbyville, Indiana

Shelbyville, like so many of the smallish hamlets across Midwestern America, is home to hard-working, family-centered and friendly people who understand how to band together for the common good. One of the best examples of this fact is demonstrated by the ubiquitous Blue River Community Foundation, which serves all of Shelby County out of Shelbyville to facilitate philanthropy and lend their group expertise and leadership know-how to those who can use them.

Another great example of how this community bands together for the common good are the myriad programs offered by the Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department and its ancillaries, such as the Carl McNeely Civic Center and the Shelby County Players Community Theatre, both community-oriented groups that help make Shelbyville, Indiana a vibrant, active and fun place to live.

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