Shelbyville Shopping: Small Town Charm

Shelbyville, Indiana, a small satellite community of Indianapolis, is not really a hub for shopping. Shelbyville shopping is limited to the many family owned shops in historic downtown Shelbyville. Many of these are Shelbyville restaurants and Shelbyville bars: good places to fill your stomach or quench your thirst, but not so great places to pick up souvenirs for your family back home. Though it does boast such surprising entertainment venues as Indiana Live Casino and Indiana Downs, it’s not exactly a great place to come for the latest fashions.

Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis is a popular destination for Shelbyville shoppersLuckily for Shelbyville residents, however, the town is just a short drive from the myriad goods and services that Indianapolis shopping offers. Residents can head on up to the Circle Centre Mall, the Fashion Mall at Keystone, or, a bit closer to home, Southport Centre Plaza. At these locations, the Shelbyville shopping enthusiast can find everything for his or her needs, from this season’s newest styles to the most cutting edge gadgets, gizmos, and games.

Shelbyville shopping has its limits, but that doesn’t mean there are no good things to buy or things to do in Shelbyville. The town is still the center for tons of Shelbyville attractions and Shelbyville events like the Bears of Blue River Festival. If small town charm and a historic downtown area are your thing, get a room at a Shelbyville hotel and take in the beauty of central Indiana. However, if you like to spend hours at a shopping mall with bags in your hand and money in your wallet, you might be better off heading up to downtown Indianapolis.